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So many of our Bridge St Kids Educators receive such genuine and glowing feedback on a daily basis. It is so rewarding to educate and nurture children, but a little positive encouragement is always welcome!

We absolutely love bringing our son to Bridge St Kids! The centre is so nice and the teachers make sure that the kids get the best food, toys and tools for learning that they need. I especially enjoy checking the app that they have provided to parents where I can see what my son is doing during the day. Our son loves coming to daycare and he always has a smile in his face during drop offs & pick ups.

Ken & Lovelle

The best Early Learning Centre in Sydney hands down. We loved our eldest child’s centre and raved on about it, but no longer… Bridge St Kids is ultra modern, brighter, friendlier, super creative, very community based and overwhelming welcoming, to the point the awesome Educators are now just family. We look forward to “school” everyday. And so does the 18 month old. You know you’re on a winner, when the toddler cries because we need to go home.

Sandra & Craig

I am so happy and glad my son has the opportunity to go to this amazing childcare centre. They have a wonderful app I can log onto every day and check out what my son has been up to. Amazing teachers that take such good care of the kids as well. We love Bridge St Kids!!!

Renee & Jeff

We love that your centre has opened such a warm and inviting place not only for the children but for parents as well

Michelle & Robert

Thank you so much for all the support and flexibility you’ve given us. We appreciate all that you have done for us. Bridge St Kids is the most perfect place for our son to grow and learn. Thank you for all the love and compassion you have shown him!

Libby & Tim

It’s been a BIG year for Bridge St Kids! Thanks for the thoughts and love that you put into running the centre, all the seen and unseen things. Thanks for making our daughter’s first childcare experience SO pleasant!

Phil & Janice

Thank you for providing such amazing care, our daughters have thrived since starting here with you at Bridge St Kids

Sarah & Rob

Thank you so much for teaching both my sons so much and welcoming us to your school. We love you!


To all the wonderful teachers at Bridge St Kids, thank you all so much for your patience, understanding and kindness towards our son. You have made his first year at daycare enjoyable and helped him grow so much! May he be blessed to have such wonderful teachers in his future years at school

Diane & Anthony

Thank you for all that you have done for us. You have created a truly amazing daycare

Mel & Ben

Beautiful, clean and well organised centre. Amazing and loving teachers. It’s like leaving your kids with your family. Other centre’s should take a page out of Bridge St’s book and use the high quality of work as there standards.

Pete & Gordana

We love Bridge St Kids! The centre is always immaculate, the educators are AMAZING! They treat the children like their own. We have made some great friends and we will be extremely sad to be leaving in a few months.

Belinda & Rob

Bridge St Kids is an amazing centre, the staff are like no other and treat the children like their own. Highly recommend all the teachers. My son is excited to attend and I am updated every day of the activities through their app. It gives me a piece of mind.


My son started when he was 9 months and settled in very well. The educators are very kind, friendly, helpful and they love the children. This is a really warm childcare centre and my son enjoys himself everyday.


Fantastic staff. Daughter always has so much fun and they are always so friendly. Highly recommended day care centre.

Scott & Samantha

Beautiful Learning, playful and clean environment for all children, my daughter loves it.


My two kids love this centre, the place is amazing and the staff are qualified and very welcoming making feel happy to leave my kids with them.

Tagrid and Aimen

I love everything about this centre!!! I love the staff, cleanliness and the programme that this centre has to offer. Having had 4 kids in different daycares this centre is by far the best!! Would highly recommend it!!


Love it! Wonderful staff, lovely rooms, great selection of toys and activities for the little ones!


Thank you to all the staff at Bridge Street Kids Bexley in particular Toni & Emma for making my son feel very happy and comfortable at daycare. He always has only positive things to say about his day and that really means a lot. I have a 1 year old attending in Jan and that also makes me feel secure knowing he will also be well looked after. You guys are doing great things, keep up the good work


I love Bridge St Kids. First time to put my daughter in a daycare, it wasn’t hard for me to leave her in the centre because the staffs are very helpful and attentive. The centre is clean too.


Amazing service, best child care. My kids learn so much!


Amazing child care centre! The staff are nurturing, passionate and attentive.

My child is so excited to go to “school” each morning.


Bridge St Kids has amazing qualified staff! Beautiful Centre!


The staff are really caring and helpful… The centre is very clean and safe.


5 stars all the way.. Can not recommend Bridge St Kids enough. All the carers are so warming, caring, gentle, beautiful with only wanting the best for each of the kids. They offer a wide range of awesome fun activities for the kids and are always looking for new ways to engage to help them learn, develop and grow.

Heidi and Dave

Bridge St Kids Bexley. Don’t know where to begin, have so much to say about them but to sum it up the educators at the centre that provides care for my son are amazing they cater to his needs every step of the way, nurturing and guiding him to explore and learn new skills. They are great with communication and regularly post picture/ daily activities of the kids day. The centre itself is very secured which I like very much and very clean. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.


This childcare is by far one of the best in the area, they are always so welcoming and happy to see my son on a day to day basis. My son cannot be more excited to go see his favourite educators each day !!! They are very family oriented and I highly recommend them on all levels, so happy to have chosen Bridge St Kids Bexley from day one 🙂

Sanem and Mohamed

My son and daughter have been attending Bridge St Kids for just over a year and from day one they were welcoming and loving towards the kids. They have grown and learnt so much in their time being there, they LOVE it. This is the best centre, the staff are amazing and friendly. I would highly recommend for parents who want trusting and lovely staff for their children!


What can I say – 10 out of 10, I recommend Great staff, great facilities, great learning programmes. I can see my son loves going to daycare and the development in his fine motor skills and vocabulary. Highly recommended – 5 stars