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  • Rating and Assessment

    Bridge St Kids Hurstville, has been assessed as ‘Exceeding the National Quality Standards’, meaning we are ranked in the top 24% of childcare centres in NSW according to the National Quality Framework

  • Experienced Educators

    The extraordinary teams at Bridge St Kids are more than just educators—they are our children’s role models, caretakers, and champions. The entire BSK family passionately believe in our philosophy, our educational models, and most importantly, in our students. 

    The teams at both Bridge St Kids Early Learning Centres are all experienced and qualified, with backgrounds in child care and/or primary school education. We create a learning environment for our Educators as well as our children, and 92% of our team are currently studying for their next level of qualifications! Our teams regularly attend in-services and workshops to ensure their skills and knowledge in childcare and education are always up to date and in line with the latest advancements.

  • School Readiness Program

    Developed by leading educators in the industry, our program is solely focussed on play-based learning, which creates an environment rich with engaging opportunities to help your little one get the best head start for transitioning to primary school!

  • Chef Prepared Gourmet Meals

    Children are provided with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea daily. All our food is prepared by Kids Gourmet Food, an exclusive childcare catering team that prepare all menu items for the day in the early hours of the morning, and deliver them freshly made just before we open! If your child has any food allergies or dietary requirements, our chefs at Kids Gourmet Food will prepare a specific meal just for them every day they attend.

    Milk and water are provided throughout the day, and we also provide seasonal fruit and vegetables daily for the children, as we strongly believe in developing healthy eating habits from a young age!

    Our nutritious 6 week rotating menu is displayed in our Centre and is available for viewing on our Kinderm8 app!

  • Nappies, Formula & Milk

    Nappies, wipes and Sudocrem are provided by the Centre up to the age of 3, by which time we work with you to transition your child to using the big kids bathroom!

    S-26 Gold formula is provided for children up to 12 months of age at no extra cost to families. After children turn one, they are encouraged to transition to cow’s milk.

    Cow’s milk is provided to children over 1 year of age with morning tea and at rest time, and at any other time upon request.

  • Kinderm8 Parent App

    Every child’s story is special, and with Kinderm8 you will never miss a moment. At Bridge St Kids, we have worked with Kinderm8 to provide you with instant access to your child’s information via the website and the app.

    You will be continuously engaged and able to contribute to your child’s learning and development. Our Educators are constantly uploading photos and documenting learning outcomes to create and share clear and detailed stories about each child’s learning. You can even see the little things – such as when your child napped, how many servings of food they ate and even how many nappy changes they had!

    Kinderm8 also holds an events calendar which will sync with your phone calendar, ensuring you never miss any of the exciting events happening at Bridge St Kids.

  • Smartboard

    The Smart Notebook is an interactive large screen panel that is pre-loaded with educational games and activities for all ages. It allows our Educators to run, create and deliver lessons based on children’s interests on the day, as well as pre-planning exciting school readiness activities for our graduates!

  • Pram Parking

    Families that are able to do so are encouraged to walk to the centre. Bridge St Kids provides pram parking for parents that wish to leave their child’s pram at the Centre and pick it up when they pick up their child at the end of the day. Pram Parking is the perfect way to be on your way without a fuss (or a car!)


Extra-curricular Activities

Happy Feet Fitness
  • Happy Feet Fitness incorporates a mix of educational content, creativity, health and social development in early childhood. Whether it’s a song and dance for preschool or fun exercises for kids’ fitness, each class is uniquely designed to encourage participation, expression and social interaction.

F.A.S.T Football Academy
  • With Coach Sam, an ex-Socceroo, our F.A.S.T Football classes focus on building your child’s confidence, listening, motor skills, and coordination at this early and important developmental stage in their child hood. It will also nurture their love and appreciation for group sports and social interaction.

Young Yoga & Mindfulness
  • Yoga is fantastic for the development of strength, balance, flexibility and body awareness through each mindful movement. Meditation & Breathing awareness within our classes aim to help children develop skills to help assist with stress, anxiety, mental and emotional regulation through the use of guided meditation, positive visualizations, calming relaxation and mindfulness tools. Mindfulness skills are offered as a part of our classes and programs through group work and solitary experience in a fun and memorable way, offering children experiences they will remember and use throughout their daily life.

Got 2 Dance
  • A professionally developed educational program for children, Miss Angela’s classes are specifically aimed for our 0-2 year olds and are exciting, full of props, and designed to keep children fit and healthy and engaged!