Educational Programs

Our Programs

To lay the perfect groundwork for your child and prepare them for life-long learning, we use everyday events and situations, as well as your child's own interests, to develop the appropriate educational, emotional and social skills that they will need for big school and beyond!

Our Play-Based Approach to Learning

Play is one of the main ways in which children learn and develop. It helps them build self-worth by gaining a sense of their own abilities and presents a way to feel good about themselves. At Bridge St Kids, we engage children by using play-based learning that increases their confidence, using their own unique interests to teach and guide them!

Indigenous Education Program

We run a rich, exciting and interactive Indigenous education program in partnership with Wandana Indigenous Education and our revered local Elders. This allows us to embed a love and respect for our country’s Indigenous heritage into each of our everyday practices at our centres.

Multicultural Educational Program

With our Educators, families and children hailing from over 40 different countries, speaking more than 25 different languages and holding beliefs from all over the world, our Multicultural Education Program supports our children in developing a sense of belonging to groups and communities, and to respond to diversity with respect.

Community Involvement Program

In 2022, our Community Involvement program won the Excellence in Early Childhood Education Awards! We pride ourselves on our relationships with the community and aim to involve all members of our CIRCLE in the centre's educational program. Our goal is to increase the children’s involvement in our community and their engagement with the world, preparing them on their journey to becoming the adults of our future. This extensive program includes but is not limited to partnerships with local retirement homes, bookstores, cafes, primary and secondary schools, and Indigenous community members.

School Readiness Program

Our comprehensive school readiness program helps to prepare children not only to read and write, but equips them with the lifelong social, emotional and cognitive skills they need to build the foundations for continued learning. We use the Early Years Learning Framework to guide our program, principles, and practices, recognising that all children learn through different means. To cater for all learning styles, we provide a range of auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic learning experiences. Our school readiness program is based on the children’s interests, skills, abilities, and areas for improvement, as well as the feedback gathered from our families.

To ensure families have the opportunity to contribute to their children’s learning, particularly in the lead-up to their transition to Kindergarten, our educators will prepare developmental assessments, and meet with you to discuss your child’s readiness for school. We also work with local primary schools, and each child will have an individual transition to school statement, (and an additional surprise), to help to make the transition to Kindergarten as smooth as possible for your little one!