Our Extra-Curricular Activities

We know how challenging it can be to take your child to various activities in the afternoons and on weekends. That’s why we have brought the activities here for you!

Bridge St Kids provides your child with the opportunity to dip their toes into a range of fun activities, including sport, dance and yoga, develop their skills and find their passion.

    Kick, catch and play with our sports programs!

Sports can play a vital role in your child's development, teaching them essential life skills such as patience, focus and teamwork. Whether your child has already found their passion or has never participated in sports before, sports programs give your child the opportunity to build on their physical and social development.

    Jump, dance and move to the sound of the beat!

We want our kids to associate physical activity with excitement and enjoyment. We find that music gives kids the motivation and energy to be physically active and improves their overall well-being. Therefore, we engage in various musically themed classes, drawing on the fun of movement and dance, the creativity of music, and the joy of active play.

    Keep active with a little encouragement and motivation!

Learning a new skill is exciting, especially with the guidance of our supportive and energetic teachers. At Bridge St Kids, we inspire our kids through a range of educational, interactive and exciting programs designed to keep them moving while having fun! Our little ones love the encouragement and motivation to try new things and experience the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle firsthand.

    Get bendy with yoga & mindfulness!

Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to improve both physical and mental health in children. Yoga improves balance, strength and endurance in children. Overlaid with Yoga, mindfulness offers great psychological benefits for children, improving focus, self-esteem and behaviour. It can even reduce anxiety and stress in children!